Department of Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science and computer application was started in the year 2008. Upgraded to PG Programme in the year 2018 and with the Vision to Research Programming in the Succeeding years. The Department supports and encourages local and regional technology Initiative contributing to educational and economic advances. It also supports the practical experience gained may aid the student in choosing future areas of interest. The main Goal of our department to apply problem solving skills to formalize general problem statements into precise algorithmic solutions.

The field of Computer Science and Computer Applications is an extremely demanding one because of the continuous and rapid development of new technologies and applications. Consequently, the unique challenge for the Department is to keep abreast of these rapid changes without compromising on the knowledge of basic concepts.

The curriculum offered to the students is framed in consultation with experts from academia and industry, and is responsible for the successful placement record of the students. The Department makes every effort to update its curriculum in order to enhance competence and employability. At the same time, the Department ensures that the demands of employability do not affect academic excellence and the pursuit of knowledge.

Project work is a part of the curriculum both at the undergraduate and at the postgraduate level. The students are assigned in-house projects as a course component. Students are also given mini projects as practical components in all Programming and Designing papers, which gives them an edge over other candidates in the field.

Seminars, Workshops, Exhibition, Video Conference are organized for students to augment the knowledge gained from the curriculum.


  • To mould the students with Professional Excellence
  • To impart the technologies with social and spiritual values in order to form the young men and women for others
  • To increase the placement, MoUs can be signed with prominent organizations and interaction can be improved with Alumni/ae


To provide a wholesome educational environment, a platform for the students to reinvent themselves and launch into the technological and scientific arena together with human values.


  • Providing a strong theoretical and practical background across the computer science.
  • To synchronize concepts, logic and skills for effective decision making.
  • To encourage entrepreneurial environment and nurture innovative ideas.
  • To utilize technical knowledge of students towards social issues through various group activities and events.

Courses offered

  • B.Sc., Computer Science
  • M.Sc., Computer Science

Faculty Members

1.Dr. S. PadmavathiM.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.Assistant professor & Head
2.Ms. N. SengamalaselviM.Sc., M.PhilAssistant professor & Head
3.Ms. D. KeerthiM.Sc., M.PhilAssistant professor & Head
4.Ms. B. RoobashriM.Sc., M.PhilAssistant professor & Head

Innovative Practices

  • Mentoring and counseling the students through ward meetings once in a month.
  • Practical examples are teaching.
  • Some topics are teaching with power point presentation.
  • Taking remedial class to the Slow Learners.
  • Continuous tests and slip test will be given to the students apart from the college timings.
  • Industrial visits.
  • Internship Training Programme.
  • Participation in various competitions and events.
  • Paper presentation.
  • “Charity Day” – Organized by the Department of Computer Science every year helps the special children, school Students and old age home to emerge as self employed entrepreneurs.

Lockdown Activities

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