"There is no grievance but it a fit object redress by mob law"
Abraham Lincoln

The Grievance Redressal Cell was constituted to formally look into the grievances and suggestions of students. The Cell has representatives from both staff and students. The staff representatives are the IQAC Core Committee and the student representatives are the Staff Secretary Student Secretary and Head of the Departments.

A Suggestion Box has been put up on the ground floor. Students can write and drop in their grievances and suggestions. However, oral grievances and suggestions are also accepted and looked into.

Activity reports


  • To address the grievances of the students.
  • To maintain accountability and encourage responsibility.
  • To take note of and consider the suggestions made.
  • To ensure that the students have as positive an experience in college as possible.


  • To provide a forum for students to voice their grievances and suggestions.
  • To make the students feel that they are an important stakeholder in the Institution.
  • To create awareness of the empowerment that is available and that they can be the agents of change.
  • To encourage students to become active members of the college and society, not just passive onlookers.


S.No. Staff Name Designation Department Contact No Email Id
1Rev.Sr.Dr.M.A.Maria PushpamSecretaryMathematics9585063024pushpam.maria@gmail.com
2Rev.Sr.Dr.P.SelvaraniPrincipalPhysics 9487842387auxiregu@gmail.com
3Rev.Sr.Dr.M.Sebasti Jaya PushpamVice PrincipalMathematics7639499247pushjeya@gmail.com
4R.ShanthiAssistant ProfessorTamil 9629299943Shanthibarani1981@gmail.com
5S.SumathiAssistant ProfessorCommerce 9047797982mohanavarshini@gmail.com
6Dr.D.Dayana RoselinAssistant ProfessorMathematics9042805665jose.rose80@gmail.com
7K.SivaKarthikaAssistant ProfessorEnglish 9789417324sksandms1982@gmail.com
8M.SangeethaAssistant ProfessorPhysics 9940945763sangeethadsg@gmail.com
9N.SengamalaSelviAssistant ProfessorComputer Science9688997423csnat2k19@gmail.com
11X.RencyCollege Pupil LeaderStudent9344884982xrency@gmail.com