Rev. Sr. Soosai Magnificat

The Secretary

Secretary Speaks

A dream symbolizes a vision. It encompasses aspirations which are unique to each of us, as well as those which all of us share as an integrated educational institution. Everyone has the ability to dream; but few are valiant enough to explore the diverse paths that these dreams unlock or to learn from the mistakes that we make on our arduous expeditions to achieving them. The objective of this mission is to discover the courage of one’s own self and to channelize this endeavour towards transforming dreams into reality.

The College aims to infuse the spirit of wonder and discovery into the teaching – learning process. Interdepartmental collaborative ventures, interface between faculty, students and the exchange programmes have synergized the march of Auxilium College to reach out every individual person to come out with their full potential. They have helped to enhance qualitative change ensuring sustainable growth. Leafing through the pages of this issue of the College Magazine will certainly create ripples in this fountain of adventures. May God Bless you and may you be always in the loving embrace and in the safest hands of Mother Mary.

- Rev. Sr. Soosai Magnificat