Department of English

About the Department

English as a universal language more than hundred countries. It is considered as the language of business, it is also known as a lingua Franca which makes English as a popular Global Tongue. Now it has emerged in the current global state of affairs. In today’s world it is Used as the medium of education, as well as medium of instruction. It helps to enhance trade, technology and cross- cultural relations. Apart from this, it aids the learners to widen their knowledge and skills. In the current scenario it is used for bilingual communication in order to introduce diverse culture across the world, English literature as a discipline caters to the implant of values even as in enriches communicative skills, and thereby grooms the holistic development of the youth. Learning of literature thus contributes richly to community living and solidarity.


The Department of English had been established in 2007. The department has been the center for teaching and attracting a cross-section of students from the rural background. Both UG and PG courses is being offered by The Department of English with experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective subjects.

The Department followed the Bharathidasan University for both UG and PG Courses. In such a way that it has a wide coverage over language and literature for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Reading literatures in English alongside literary narratives in Indian languages has certainly promised our students with deeper insights.

At the graduate and post-graduate level the Department of English offers papers like poetry, drama, prose and fiction of Indian, American, British and Canadian literature thus offering good training for UGC-NET, SET aspirants. A strong theoretical foundation is laid with the papers on Literary Theory, ELT and Research Methodology.

The department has been producing a great number of University Rank holders in both the undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The library of the department stands unique with its huge collection over 13000 books. It subscribes to several periodicals and journals for the benefit of the students. It is one of the best libraries in Pudukkottai District with a huge collection of Reference books, Oxford Phonetics Dictionary, Thesaurus, UGC Journals and Encyclopedias.

Vision and Mission:

The department is chiefly interested in opening fresh avenues for qualities, development and command of language skills along with the attainment of knowledge of subject and of value based higher education, essential and universal values which are implicated in literature and life. The students, especially from rural background are trained to acquire English communicative skills along with the knowledge about varied social and national values obtained from the literature written in English around the universe.

Goals & Objectives

  • To enhance the learners with an in-depth knowledge of English language and literature.
  • To develop the communication skills through LSRW and creative thinking of learners.
  • To prepare the learners for lifelong learning and professional courses.
  • To instill human values of literature in learners molding them to be responsible women’s of the society.
  • To sharpen the critical thinking of learners.
  • To introduce the methods of research, aesthetic appreciation and cross-cultural literacy.
  • To prepare for further research.

Language lab

The language lab, equipped with individual computer facility for the student’s at a time provides interactive programmed lesson on English grammar issues and communication. The individualized learning through the computer helps the students to pursue their training at their own phase. The one-to-one interaction between the teacher and the students provides a cordial ambiance to the teaching- learning process which is its unique feature.

Course Offered

  • B.A., English
  • M.A., English

Faculty Members

1.Ms. K. SivakarthikaM.A., M.Phil Head & Assistant Professor
2.Ms. R. SubhasiniM.A., M.B.A, (Ph.D)Assistant Professor
3.Ms. S. RabiabasariM.A., M.PhilAssistant Professor
4.Ms. B. SuganyaM.A., M.PhilAssistant Professor
5.Ms. S. DurgadeviM.A., M.PhilAssistant Professor
6.Ms. V. PoongulzhiM.A., M.PhilAssistant Professor
7.Ms. S. SaraswathiM.A., M.PhilAssistant Professor
8.Ms. J. AnnaisathyaM.A., M.PhilAssistant Professor

Innovative Practices

  • Encouraging creativity
  • Remedial classes for the deliberate learners.
  • Micro teaching
  • Timely feedback
  • Celebrating Green day
  • E- Book and web sources
  • Teaching value based education
  • Creating Book Bank
  • Research projects
  • Bridge course for all the UG fresher’s
  • Introducing Swatch Bharat scheme.
  • Digitalized Language Lab
  • Coaching for competitive Examinations (UGC NET & TNPSC)
  • Visiting the Home for the Destitute, Disadvantage communities
  • Paper presentation
  • Book Reviews
  • Creating awareness on Environment, and its changes
  • In – House Journal
  • Purchase of Daily Newspapers by the students
  • Screening movies
  • Teaching the methods of Recycling the waste
  • Teaching spoken English by using the smart board.

Lockdown Activities

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