The Research and Development Centre

About R & D Centre

Auxilium College of Arts and Science for Women attempt to light the demand of methodological and research knowledge so as to meet the needs of researchers in emerging disciplines. The R & D centre of the college aims to create a positive ambience to the students and faculties in the changing trends of technological needs of the society. It also provides the students in facilitating their creative skills and innovative thinking, which helps them to face the challenging opportunities in their professional life and also in their personal life. Moreover, it also emphasizes the students and the faculties in their academic skills.

The R & D Centre is facilitated in the following regards:
  • The Institution provokes the students and faculties to prepare and present their research ideas in National and International Conferences and also encourages them to be published in reputed Journals.
  • The Institution also supports the faculties, to conduct various technical events such as Workshop, Seminars, Conferences, FDPs and Symposiums.
  • The Institution facilitates the faculties to pursue research in their expertise area of research and motivates them to scrutinize the funding project proposals.
  • The Institution Initiates and stimulates to sign MoU with industries and R&D of consultancies to carry on with collaborative research activities and sponsored projects, etc.

Research And Development Policy: 

One of the maxims that Auxilium College of Arts and Science for Women guarantees for its faculties/scholars is “Learning is a Celebration”. To institutionalize this principle of learning, Auxilium College of Arts and Science for Women have devoted itself to extending extensive opportunities for its faculties to pursue research and development activities.

Auxilium College of Arts and Science for Women‘s commitment to advanced research in the area of arts and science has nurtured incubation centers of innovation and excellence. Every department is encouraged to have at least one such center.

Research Publications

S.No.Title of PaperName of the author/sDepartment of the teacher Name of journal Year of publication
1Fixed point theorems on multi valued mapping in b- metric spacesD.Dyana RoselinMathematicsSpinger plus2016
2Implementation of Text mining in high utility item sets for pattern miningS.Padmavathi, Dr.M.ChidambaramComputer ScienceInternational journal of computer science and Engineering2018
3A Brief survey on text classification using various machine learning techniqueS.Padmavathi, Dr.M.ChidambaramComputer scienceInternational journal of advanced research in computer science and software engineering2018
4Job Satisfaction of employees in SBI in thanjavurS.Sumathi, Dr. N. RajamannarCommerceInternational journal of scientific research and review2018
5Existence and convergence of best proximity points in G-metric spacesD.Dyana RoselinMathematicsInternational Journal of Research in advent technology(IJRAT)2019
6Fixed point and common fixed point theorems on complex valued b-metric analysisD.Dyana RoselinMathematicsInfokara research2019
7Best proximity point theorems on dislocated and dislocated Quasi b-metric spacesD.Dyana RoselinMathematicsInternational journal of information and computer science2019
8An efficient combination of High profit item set algorithm using product transaction datasetS.Padmavathi, Dr.M.ChidambaramComputer ScienceInternational journal of research and analysis reviews2019
9Fixed point theorem in b-metric spaceD.Dayana RoselinMathematicsThe international journal of analytical and experimental model analysis2019
10Job Satisfaction of employees in SBI in thanjavurDr.N.Rajamannar, S. SumathiCommerceOur heritage2020
11Impact of mobile commerce in thanjavurM.JulieCommerceJournal of Interdisciplinary cycle research2020
12A study on consumer awareness and satisfaction of Mobile Commerce in Thanjavur districtM.JulieCommerceThe international Journal of Analytical and Experimental Modal analysis2020
13On faintly b - I - continuous multifunctionsM. Sebasti Jeya Pushpam , and N. RajeshMathematicsMalaya Journal of Matematik2020
14On slightly b - I - continuous multifunctionsM.Sebasti Jeya Pushpam, and N. RajeshMathematicsMalaya Journal of Matematik,2020