Department of Mathematics


The department of Mathematics, which was started in 2008, has grown over the years from strength to strength striving to produce young women with the quest for Mathematical knowledge, logical and analytical thinking. The Post Graduate course in Mathematics was started in 2008. Due to the increasing demand, a second section of B.Sc. Mathematics was started in 2016

The primary goal of the Mathematics Department is to teach all the students to think logically and critically. The curriculum supports the development of higher-level mathematical skills and computing expertise for students in fields such as the natural, computer, engineering, and social sciences. Furthermore, the department programme and activities provide opportunities for academic excellence and leadership development, which enhance liberal arts in education.

Uniqueness of the curriculum

Mathematics is an indispensable tool for much of science and engineering. It provides the basic language for understanding the world and lends precision to scientific thought. In B.Sc. Mathematics, the curriculum focuses on providing a solid base on a diverse range of mathematical subjects such as Calculus, Algebra and Trigonometry, Numerical Analysis, Complex Analysis, Linear Programming, etc., developing technological competency, soft skill and life development. Technological tools like Scilab, Latex and Matlab are introduced at the undergraduate level which are used for data analysis and computation. M.Sc. Mathematics course is an amalgamation of in depth knowledge of Algebra, Analysis, Topology, Measure and Integration, Graph Theory, Operation Research, Stochastic Processing etc. It provides a foundation for pursuing research in Mathematics as well as to provide essential quantitative skills, strong analytical skills and broad based background in the mathematical sciences.


Department of Mathematics strives to be internationally recognized for academic excellence through the depth of its teaching and research, and to be locally relevant through its role in the development of the community it serves.


The Department offers high-quality Mathematics with a view of producing good citizens with professional skills and leadership quality.


  • To promote analytical thinking and reasoning skills in the minds of students.
  • To develop mathematical curiosity and use inductive and deductive reasoning.
  • To provide opportunities to strengthen their knowledge in basic concepts of mathematics and become mathematical problem solver.
  • To strive for academic excellence and values in life.
  • To contribute towards research in the form of research articles and projects.
  • To mould the students to face eligibility exams and to become confident in their own ability.
  • To equip them with more technological skills and scientific computing techniques based on mathematical methods to meet the growing demand in the industrial, marketing and communication sectors.

Courses offered

  • B.Sc., Mathematics
  • M.Sc., Mathematics

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Faculty Members

1.Dr. V. Santiagu TheresalM.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.Assistant Professor & Head
2.Dr. A. Leema RoseM.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.Assistant Professor
3.Dr. D. Dayana RoselinM.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.Assistant Professor
4.Ms. K. SumithraM.Sc., M.Phil.Assistant Professor
5.Ms. K.K. SaranyaM.Sc., M.Phil.Assistant Professor
6.Ms. P. IlakkiyaM.Sc., M.Phil.Assistant Professor
7.Ms. R. ParimaleswariM.Sc., M.Phil.Assistant Professor
8.Ms. K. Arockia JancyM.Sc., M.Phil.Assistant Professor

Innovative Practices

  • Projects for PG Students
  • Inter Disciplinary Subjects are offered
  • Counseling for students and special attention for slow learners Monitoring students absenteeism and communicating with parents daily
  • Communicating with parents in case of poor academic performance
  • Student Assisted Training for slow learners (1-1 basis)
  • Deserving students are supported with financial and material assistance by staff and students.
  • Develop necessary skills to work with modern technological devices such as calculators, computers, etc.
  • Develop interest in Mathematics as a problem-solving tool in various fields for its beautiful structures and patterns, etc.
  • Job oriented classes like TNPSC, C, C++ and Tailoring ,Art and craft are offered .
  • At the end of every period, quick recapitalization of the learned concepts must be made as a habit.
  • Moral classes offered.
  • Regular Seminars are taken by the Students

Lockdown Activities

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