Vision and Mission

Vision: Transforming rural young and marginalized women by imparting quality education and forming them in character and human formation.

Mission: The mission of Auxilium College of Arts and Science is to empower first generation of girls to realise their full potentials, who are intellectually alert, social conscious, morally upright and responsible citizens.

Goal: The goal of our educative endeavour is to produce in a Salesian atmosphere, intellectually enlightened, spiritually inspired, emotionally balanced, morally upright, socially committed, accomplished – in a word – integrally formed young women who will be agents of social transformation in today's India. True to the vision of its Founders, the College commits itself to serve the young women of the peripheries, economically weak, socially backward and needy students. The goal of our educative endeavour is to be realized with the collaboration of every member that forms a part of Auxilium Family – the students, the staff, the parents, the management, the local and the distant agencies that are associated with her and all her well-wishers – the Auxilium Educating Community. With this in view, the Educative Project is drawn up every year in consultation with the staff, the parents and the students who are the protagonists of their own growth and are therefore at the focus of all educative interventions. The College, therefore, expects a close collaboration from the parents in the planning and execution of this project.


  1. To provide quality education to the students, the vast majority of which comes from nearby rural areas. The College seeks to equip them with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees which are essential qualifications for diverse career options.
  2. To provide a holistic development model to the students by covering a variety of areas ranging from arts, Science, Faith and Moral
  3. To set new standards in delivery and imparting of education by making combined use of its manpower and technology.
  4. To increase the employability amongst students by opening new job oriented courses.
  5. To build interaction with reputed universities/colleges/institutions to focus on new strategies for enhancing the quality of students.
  6. To provide, to protect and to make efficient and empowered young women.